Help - Edit Posts

Editting posts

Editting posts should be reasonably simple, but let's walk through editing a post.

What's what...

SAVE button on the toolbox saves your changes. That's obvious though, right? You can mess around as much as you like, only 'SAVE' will update anything.

The Banner has a 'toolbox' which can be moved by dragging it's title bar.
The banner should contain an image, and by default is set to 'Single image'. Clicking on 'Change Image' should allow you to upload an image to your profile space, and then select that image.
You can also click on the colour box thing to change the banner colour.

1. The title of the article should be between 20 and 100 characters long. This is shown on the post page, the title bar and in the post-preview box.

2. The short description is shown in the post-preview box, where ever a short preview is shown, or is the text shown when sharing it on Facebook etc. The short description should be between 30 and 150 characters long.

3. The article body, the main part of the article uses the Rich text editor, which includes basic styles etc. You can also add images to articles by clicking on the 'photo' in the toolbar.

4. If the Published? check box is not checked, then your article is in draft mode. Only you (and people with special site permission) can see the article. Check this checkbox when you are ready to publish.

4. Your article must have a 'Type'. This will allow people to find content which they are interested in, so please select something appropriate.

5. The thumbnail image is used in the preview mode, and when sharing on Facebook. Click 'Update Thumbnail' to upload or select an image. The image should be 200 by 112 pixels in size.

Rich Text Editor

The text editor uses a variation of 'Markdown' style with some exceptions.

BOLD: Text wrapped with ** creates bold, so **this** becomes this

ITALIC: Text wrapped with _ creates italic, so _this_ becomes this

STRIKE: Text wrapped with ~~ creates strike-through, so ~~this~~ becomes this

HEADERS: Text on a new line, which starts with #, ##, ### or #### creates a title header text

IMAGES: The Text "img(/someimage.jpg)" translates to <img src=/someimage.jpg />
Also "left(/someimage.jpg)" and "right(/someimage.jpg)" floats the image to the left or right and wraps text around it. "center(/someimage.jpg)" places the image in the middle of the page.

BLOCKS: Text wrapped in [[this text]] will create a box for text.
Also using [" some text "] creates a quoted block of text.

Horizontal line: Text on a new line ----- creates...


In the main title bar of the page, under 'Actions', you can select 'Delete' to delete your post. This cannot be undone (easily).