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If you only want to browse this site, then you do not need to login.
If you're having any problems, please contact us and it'll get sorted so as possible.

Hey, that's my organisation!

If you are an 'organisation' and your page is already on this site, then you just need to login with Facebook to gain control of the profile.
Even if your organistion isn't on this site, you can add it with the same process.

Login with Facebook (1) Login with Facebook.
(2) In settings, on the right 'Facebook Pages' link that profile to your account.

I'm an Artist!

If you are an 'Artist' ie, a DJ or producer and somebody created a page on your behalf, contact them and ask for them to create you a permission link to gain access to the profile

If you cannot contact them, or they do not respond, you can Contact Us directly and we can sort it out for you.

Or if you want to, once you have registered with the site, you can create an artist profile.

I want to write articles

That's great. The first thing you need to do is to register and sign in. Then, you can create a profile for writing articles.
If you are creating interesting posts, you might be added to the 'Featured writer' list and have your articles posted on the main pages.

Once your set-up, see the help section on Editing posts

Cool people

Everyone loves cool people, especially when they don't call themselves cool.
If you want to be ace, you can start by adding raves from Facebook onto this site.
There aren't any moderator roles yet, and this might be something that gets added in future.

1337 h4X0rz

Right now, the developing and building of this site is a one man job. If you know me personally and are interested in helping develop this site, then let's talk.
I can think of serveral of my friends who would be up for the job, but they probably don't have spare time. - I do not have time to teach people how to code -

The site is built using C# in Visual Studio 2013, and uses Sql Server and Sqlite databases. Deployed on Windows 2012R2.

The code looks like this
Source code

And the CSS (less)