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What is Kudos?

Kudos is a measure of Trust on this website.
The more good stuff you do, the more kudos you get. The more Kudos you have, the more options and functionality you are permitted.
Some activities will cost you Kudos!

Don't worry though, it's not very complicated and you'll figure it out over time. See your current Kudos here.
Note that an Admin can manually adjust your score at any time! Also, these values can change in the future, so check this page for the current values.

How do I get Kudos?

Kudos is awarded to when you use the site as follows...

When you sign-up with the site you start out with 100.

Every time you login in a 24 hour period, will be awarded 10 if your overall Kudos is less than 300.

Adding an event to the site, will be get 15.

Kudos is deducted as follows...

Creating new profiles costs you 50.

Creating new tags costs you 20.

Adding your Artist profile to an Event Line-Up costs you 10.