Help - Profile

Personal accounts

Personal accounts relate to people. They are not used for public facing things like Events or Profiles, but are used to associate the 'You' on this site.
Everybody who uses this site, must have at least one personal profile.

Real names! You do not have to use your real name for your personal profile, BUT if people need to identify you, either use your real-name, or your name on Facebook, or something people will know you by. Calling yourself "Captain Space-Hippy" is pretty pointless.

Cannot delete profile

You cannot delete a profile, because it (1) must be linked to a Facebook page, OR (2) it must be linked to a Person's profile on this site

Create profile

1. Display Name, this is the name that the profile will be known by publically. It must be at least 6 characters long. But if your name is as short as "X", use your left over creativity making it longer by maybe adding (Place) or (Crew) or (Genre) for example.
People might know you better as "X (gonna get ya)".

2. Profile URL, this is the cool bit. Your profile URL will be the URL people can find you by on here. You can give the URL out publicly for example It must be at least 8 characters long and only contain a..Z 0..9 and underscore (_) OR it can start with tilda (~) and be 4 characters long, ie: ~MrX.

3. Bio, needs to be at least 10 characters long. Maybe give location, genres and styles or a bit of back story.